Monday, 8 December 2014

Innisfree Jeju Peach Hand cream review

My hands are so dry, so I have been on the look out for nice, fruity hand creams. I was using this during Spring/ Summer when butters and heavier creams were too heavy (yes, my hands still get chapped during warmer seasons). Innisfree as a brand didn't appeal to me all that much, but I am trying to get more familiar with them. So far, I've purchased a lipstick, lip concealer, several sheet masks, and a hand cream.

Contents: 30mls. It comes in a somewhat flimsy plastic tube. The colour from the packaging may rub off; especially the ends of the tub, and the circular neck area.

Price: 2450 won (sale). RRP ~$4

My Thoughts

This hand cream has a light, airy texture. It was just enough for me in the Spring/ Summer seasons, but I don't think it will be moisturising enough for the Autumn/ Winter months. 

It has a very strong, fruity peach candy smell. I love the scent! The scent of the hand cream will linger, so be cautious about purchasing if scents give you a headache. I would recommend the Nature Republic hand creams which have since been renewed in 2014 for a more subtle fruity scent, and a steamed cream texture.

See how dry my hands are in Summer? D:

This Innisfree Juju hand cream series has many more variants such as:
  • Jeju Narcissus
  • Jeju Daphne
  • Jeju Camellia
  • Jeju Lotus
  • Jeju Gardenia
  • Jeju Rose
  • Jeju Hallabong
  • Jeju Wood
  • Jeju Udo Peanut

I think they also had a fig one at some point. I would love to try that one as I prefer fruit scents to flowery or nutty scents!

/ 5

Repurchase? Sure, why not? It's a reasonable price, smells nice, and does the job in warmer months.

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