Saturday, 23 May 2015

Innisfreeworld Haul and Review aka ALL THE MASKS FROM INNISFREE + current mask collection

I am becoming a sheet mask addict. No, really. I have purchased over 200 masks this year. My current collection is a little embarrassing. There's so much I can't even fit them all into my fridge anymore. They live in two boxes on my bedroom floor. This is a super expensive habit, but I'm not about to break it because sheet masks just feel so good, and I can get immediate effects. My skin hasn't been flakey since I've been faithful to these masks.

What triggered this massive haul? A 10 + 10 sheet mask deal on Innisfree World. They have had this deal a few times before, but on 1st of May, I finally caved in and used up my new membership benefit (which was free shipping). I signed myself up to the website in March to get the free Green Tea Kit which I have also included in my overall collective mask haul photo.

I won't go on and on about the crappy Australian Dollar exchange rate again, but I thought this deal was better than the one in April. I was able to qualify for some freebies whilst only spending $60 USD (which was around $79AUD). Each mask came out at around 80c AUD which is a fantastic deal. Asking my dad to buy me a box of My Beauty Diary from Sasa in Hong Kong is around the same price, but he doesn't have to pack it in his luggage, and I can buy as many as a I want. 

I ordered 100 masks... I got at least five of each of the 16 varieties, and seven of the ones which appealed to me the most (mainly the fruit varieties and the lotiony type ones).

Ordered: 1/5/15 (Friday night)
Shipped: 5/5/15 (Tuesday)
Received: 11/5/15 (The following Monday)

It was annoying because no one could help me sign for the package and pick it up-- I thought it was such a waste of EMS because I pretty much ended up waiting for 2 weeks to get it anyway. My mum was a champ and picked it up for me on Thursday when she went to get her car from smash repairs. Thank you mum! Otherwise I would have had to pick it up on Saturday, or the post office would have returned it to the sender.

An official Innisfree box.

Box opened! There was an A4 print out receipt of my order. Everything was packed tightly using more boxes, brown paper, and bubble wrap. You can see my 8 Solutions kit wedged between the two mask boxes.

Boxes inside the boxes opened again!

Entire haul of Innisfree products

The free samples I received specifically from this order.
I don't remember specifically, but if your order totals above $50, you will get a random 8 Solutions Kit. I thought I was going to get the pore care one as that was what it showed on the website. I was a bit disappointed because I don't particularly have a problem with pores-- moreover, I have dry skin. Previously when I made a cart, there was an option to get the 8 Solutions Green Tea Kit or the 8 Solutions Seaweed Kit (anti-wrinkle). Imagine my surprise when I got the Anti-Wrinkle Kit. Yay! No one is ever too young to start using anti-aging skincare:)

In the Anti-Wrinkle 8 Solutions Kit, I received:

1. It's Real Squeeze Mask in Shea Butter (another free mask!)
2. Eco Science Skin
3. Eco Science Lotion
4. Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence (I love this stuff)

If you purchase over $60, you can pick four free samples. I picked:

1. The Green Tea Serum
2. Olive Real Skin
3. Olive Real Lotion
4. Olive Real Power Cream

The week before I ordered, I also received a free Green Tea Kit. It contained:

1. The Green Tea Serum
2. Green Tea Balancing Skin
3. Green Tea Balancing Lotion
4. Green Tea Balancing Cream

I've now gone from someone who has only ever used four of Innisfree's older It's Real Masks, their lip concealer, their Juicy Apple Eye Makeup Remover, and Juicy Apple Cleansing Oil to someone who owns three different lines of their skincare! So excited! I really wanted to try samples of their Orchid Cream, but I wasn't able to choose them as an option, only buy it as a sample or a full sized version. 

I love how these samples are huge and resealable. But mainly that they are a decent size. I think you could use them for over a week, twice a day. Quite happy with this haul until I need to stock up on cream, toner, cleanser, and makeup remover. I'm constantly waiting for Priceline sales!

Bonus: This is currently what I have left from my holidays sheet masks collection. It's sizeable^^


  1. Wow with so many masks your skin is very lucky! I don't have any at the moment, need to buy!

    { }

    1. I do feel that my skin is better after using sheet masks for a few years. I think it's worth the 'investment' though it is definitely more costly per use than a serum.