Sunday, 6 November 2016

New Clothes, Shoes, and a Bag from August to October (Liz Lisa, Marcs, Lolita/Himekaji)

Yes, so now that I discovered I have a disposable income, I've decided to put some of that money towards Liz Lisa items. I have loved their designs and clothes since I first opened the December 2007 edition of Popteen.

Here is my shopping adventure for non-makeup/non-skincare related items from August - October 2016.

I went to the celebration of a new service line at an accounting firm that I was previously with and that Cathy now works at. I don't know what we were talking about, but she said that she had some Liz Lisa clothes she was going to try and sell. I told her I really liked Liz Lisa stuff but didn't have any, but I think I like the style as I frequently wear the knock off pieces Holly gave me in 2014. Being a generous person, Cathy said she will give them all to me ;u;

So on the day Rayray, Cathy, and I went handbag shopping I went over to Cathy's house to pick the clothes I wanted. Many, many years ago, Cathy said she also had a pair of white rocking horse shoes she didn't want. Score! I gave her a pair of my Amo lashes that she really liked seeing me wear.

Pretty right? I've worn this to go shopping once paired with a skirt I got from Harajuku back in 2008. These shoes are not as high as my black Bodyline Rocking horse shoes, but the straps are so crappy! You can see the paint flaking and peeling off... the strap also doesn't fully wrap around my ankle, but luckily, even a tiny bit of velcro can hold my ankle in place:)

Here's what they look like with my black rocking horse shoes:

Cathy then kindly gave me a few brand new pieces she picked up when she was in Japan with Lydia over the new year. She got a fukubukuro trunk! It's so pretty. I'm not sure which edition some of the clothes she gave me are, but she had a few pieces which she let me pick and choose what I wanted. 

I think there was a set up top that Cathy had which was pretty, but she said she had worn it once and stretched it once. I was convinced it was a dress, not a top lol. I can't remember exactly what it looked like, but I thought that I didn't have anything else that would go with it so I didn't take it. There was also a long sleeved shirt that said 'Liz Lisa', and a brown dress. I didn't think I'd wear those items either so I didn't take them.

I only wanted two dresses.

The first Liz Lisa dress I picked up from Cathy:

I'm not sure which year this is from, but it is definitely from a fukubukuro as it has a bit more of a simple design compared to their regular dresses. I love that there's elastic on the sleeves (coz I have short arms) and also elastic on the shoulders so I can choose to wear the dress higher up on my shoulders. This dress is brand new. 

It is a fluffy winter type of wool material. After wearing it twice, some of the material has balled up and pilled :( You can't tell unless you are studying the dress closely when I wear it. I guess I'll try and avoid this type of material in the future.

The second dress I picked up:

The second dress is more of a Spring/Summer collection type dress. I thought the design was simple and elegant. I love the tie up straps, and I like the material of the dress. It is more heavy duty and thicker than it looks. I'm really looking forward to wearing this in the warmer months.

I've always had a thing of Liz Lisa's pumps and boots. Low and behold, I found a pair that was reasonably priced and brand new on ebay! These had a slight imperfection on the side of one of the shoes where the colour wasn't even which was why they were so 'cheap'. The seller was in Sydney so I thought about it for a few hours and decided to snap them up.

These are the ice blue ribbon pumps...AKB48 wore all three colours of these shoes (pink, navy, ice blue) at one of their performances.

I paid $65.50 + $14.50 (shipping) which is $80 total.

It was packaged so well and came pretty much in two days. The seller also put in a Liz Lisa shopping bag:)

The last Liz Lisa item I now have in my possession is this Liz Lisa Web Limited Angel Sweets Floral Dress (collab with Kanno Yui). I was honestly oohing and ahhing about whether or not to spend $148.50 + $15 (shipping) on the red Strawberry Jam dress. But then my rational side kicked in and said that it was a waste of money as I'm not even sure I'll get a lot of wear out of these types of items and that I should build up my wardrobe with more affordable pieces first. 

As luck would have it, there was a 15% off promotion on ebay for buying clothes from Australian sellers, and also a $10 off Paypal voucher.

From memory, the dress was listed at around $70 with $10 shipping, but with my discount and voucher, I ended up paying $49.50 for the dress and $10 shipping. Score!

I like Kanno Yui's style and makeup in Popteen. I'd like to try Mellish blushes one day. How gorgeous is the tulle? I saw my friend Yu Jin wear a lolita dress with a similar design: it was a deep forest green with black tulle. I always thought it was interesting as it wasn't something I had seen a lot in Western fashion. But of course, confirmation bias, I have now seen it in a few shops within Westfield.

The dress took around four days to arrive and I was shocked to see that the Liz Lisa label was ripped out (!). There was even a hole in the lining that looked like it could rip into an even bigger hole.

The description said 'Brand New Without Tag'-- I thought they meant the paper tag. I don't mind that the label has been removed, but the hole!! I haven't left feedback yet, but I don't think I will purchase again from this seller without messaging them first about the tag/label. Not gonna lie, the description said that this dress was white and the pictures made it look like it was white, but when I saw it in person it was pink? I think the pinky tone clashes with my yellow undertones.

Overall, I'm still glad I got this dress. I spent weeks thinking about it in the back of my mind until the discounts gave me a push.

The back is a large, silk bow. Like a cute present I guess?

The angel, cupcake, macaroon, and rose prints. Pretty. 

As usual, the sleeves are too long for my short, stubby arms. Oh well, I'll just have to be more careful not to get my sleeves dirty. I like free size clothing (besides pants) because they usually fit me... but I guess not this time.

Clothes aren't really my thing, but I'd like to change that. I'd also like to wear more skirts and dresses, more white and softer looking colours, and less black t-shirts and jeans. Maybe next time I come back I'll have a post with some blouses and some skirts?

I also want something with a lace up/corset design, a pair of pumps with a cross ankle strap, and a pair of long boots. And maybe some hair accessories. The current Winter ribbon ones are overpriced but so gorgeous imo.

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