Saturday, 5 November 2016

Makeup and Skincare Empties + Review October 2016 (Project Use Up All the Samples 2k16)

This month has flown by! I'm not sure how but I think part of it was just constantly being so busy at work, and trying to keep on top of everything and not dropping the ball. I don't think I'm burning out, but I'm starting to lose that bright spark of organisational commitment I felt when I first started. Maybe I'm browning out?

I had a lot of fun with watching the Melbourne Cup with my colleagues. We went out for lunch, and after that, we all got an early mark to go home. Yay.

I'm glad that the festive season is approaching! I love Christmas decorations and the Christmas spirit. I'm not excited about the weather heating up again... I don't miss the 45 degree days. I have to be a bit more protective about changing up the storage for my lipsticks on hot days as I don't want them to melt or go bad in the heat. My MAC Lady Danger lipstick had a rough day yesterday and experienced a little bit of wax bloom.

I think I used up plenty of full products this month:D

1. Benton Honest TT Mist x 4
- Honestly... it was just a meh product for me. It was refreshing and didn't irritate my skin. I decanted this into a spray bottle to mist over my face. I'm sure using the mist in a packet would have detracted from the experience of using the product and would be used in place of the toner step (or as a first step for a moisturising toner). WNR

2. Benton Fermentation Eye Cream x 1
- I wanted to win the full sized version of this from Benton but I received the Fermentation Essence. After using this packet, I thought that the eye cream was sufficiently creamy for my under eye but I didn't like that it rolled up in balls if I used more than a tiny little bit. I have a few more packets to get through before I decide whether or not I would like to actually shell out money to buy a tube of eye cream. WNR

3. Benton Snail Bee HIgh Content Skin x 1
- Same thoughts as last month-- nice toner but cannot supersede my favourite Hada Labo. WNR

4. Benton Snail Bee HIgh Content Skin (bottle) x 2
- Same as above.

5. The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco No Shine Hydrating Sun Cream SPF40 PA+++ x 1
- This was actually a nice sun cream. It didn't have that sting or stick of alcohol and it played nicely with my BB cream. That is all I ask. I would consider buying it if I wanted to move onto Korean suncreams. WR.

6. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Essence x 1
- I've used a few of these from various sample kits. I like the citrus scent, but it doesn't really do anything for me. WNR.

7. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Deep Cream x 1
- Same as above, I've used this several times before. From the same line, I like this cream and the Intensive cream the most, but I don't think I will purchase the full size as I like what I'm using at the moment (Benton Steam Cream). WNR.

8. Etude House Moistfull Collagen White Jelly Cream x 1
- I love the texture of these jelly creams but unfortunately, my skin is a desert and even in hot weather, these are just a tad too light for me. WNR.

9. Etude House Sunprise Dust Block SPF50+ PA+++ x 1
- Not sure if its because the last sample of sunscreen I used from Etude House was bad, but this blew away any preconceived notions I had in my head. Nice sunscreen as it wasn't greasy and played nicely with my BB cream. No discernible hints of alcohol to my nose. WR.

10. TonyMoly Banana Hand Milk x 1
- I love the smell of artificial bananas and the full sized packaging of this. I love everything about it with the except of the face that this hand cream does nothing. It's drying and the scent fades quickly. As someone who has dry hands and constantly has a stash of hand cream in my bag, at my desk, and at home, this just doesn't cut it. Maybe as a fun summer item? The packaging and the scent might win me over again someday, but not at the moment. WNR.


Full Sized Items

1. Mentholatum Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF 50+ PA+++ x 1
- My absolute favourite sunscreen of all time. It takes time to dry down and does leave my face a bit greasy, but I think I prefer that than having my face all cracked and dry (dry skin problems). WR.

2. Schwarzkopf Daily Oil Elixir x 1
- Yu Jin suggested I try hair oil to lock in the moisture from my weekly hair masks. I liked that it made the ends of my hair soft, but all it did was add to the build up my hair endures and made my ends look greasy. However, I'd rather use more products for my hair than use less and experience more breakage and split ends than what I already have T_T WNR.

3. Schwarzkopf Deep Nutrition Intensive Care Mask x 1
- I don't like any of the Schwarzkopf masks or hair products I've used. So why do I keep on buying them? My dad uses a lot of Schwarzkopf products and I guess I've always associated this brand with high quality? I honestly have no idea. I didn't like the micro chunks of glitter this left in my hair and I didn't enjoy the scent.

4. Hada Labo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (Moist) x1
- I love you. WR.

5. Nature Republic Hand & Nature Hand Cream- Wild Berry (Baekhyun) x 1
- Review here. The packaging for this sucks. The seam burst open and dried out some of the product inside. I enjoyed the scent of this but I felt it was a step down from the initial EXO hand cream release. I am currently using my last ever tube of Wild Cherry :( I would repurchase Baek's original scent in Apple Mango in a heart beat. I wish I purchased more of the original series. WNR (but might to collect other photocards and the paper toy ehuhuhu).

6. Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Jeju Volcanic Clay x 1
- This clay mask is possibly the nicest one I've ever used. It wasn't drying and didn't dry hard. It was soft and left my face feeling refreshed. I think I got 6-8 uses out of this little capsule! I kept it fresh by putting it into my Nature Republic Steam Cream container. I'm not sure I actually need a clay mask in my routine (I prefer the Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off, or the Rice Wash Off) but if I ever wanted a clay mask, this is the one. WR.




Other Items

7 x Innisfree masks
1 x Etude House mask
1 x Nature Republic mask
1 x Benton mask
1 x TonyMoly nose pack

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