Monday, 27 May 2013

Rimmel London phone booth and bb cream review

A few months ago, Rimmel was having this guessing competition where they put a location clue of where they were going to be in mX everyday for a week. The first five people to give the Rimmel girl the secret code word would win a year's worth of supply.

I found the phone booth because it was located where I work (lol). The competition ran from 7.30am until 11am. When I got there at 8am, the spokesperson said she's already given out the prize. Apparently, some girls started lining up at 4am in the morning...

The Rimmel red phone booth! And the freebies in Kleenex boxes haha

Look at that tiny phone booth across the road.

The spokesperson initially only handed me one tiny tube of BB cream. When I asked her about the code word, she told me that the prizes have already been claimed and gave me a pencil tin. I exited the building to go to the post office at round 10am and she gave me another two tubes of BB cream samples. She looked really bored and unhappy because it was pretty quiet during that time.

Rimmel tin and BB Cream

Swatching it on my hand
I tried a thin layer of this on my face.

In my honest opinion... I disliked this BB Cream. I don't think it even has a right to call itself a 'BB Cream'. Sorry Rimmel. I liked your lip products (the Sweet Jelly Lipgloss was done sooooo right), but I would give this a miss.

The texture is too thin and watery. It does not have any coverage at all. I think Garnier and even Maybelline did a better job at re-creating a BB Cream (though compared some of the other Korean ones I've used, they sort of rank... down there).

Rating: .5/5

The .5 is for having different shades. That's it.

TL;DR: Give this a miss. Skip over it and go "NOPE I DID NOT SEE YOU THAR." Perhaps it's just my expectation of what a BB Cream should be like. I would probably be more forgiving if it was labelled a tinted moisturiser.

So uh guys... would anyone like my samples?


  1. it sounds like a fun "GAME" but they should've given out better prizes! well, at least you got something ;)

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    1. I think it was an interesting idea... but I think the whole point of the event was to push their BB Cream >_<