Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Face Shop eyelash adhesive review

I wear fake eyelashes... a lot. Top and bottom at the same time. So it was imperative I found a good glue that doesn't run out on me that quickly. On average, my manicare glue lasts me for a month during cosplay/ Christmas/ New Year's/ going out periods. Not good.

So I've been using this glue for a while now. It's great! I used to only buy the manicare 1ml glue at Priceline (I think it's about $4 for 1ml). The Face Shop glue was about $6~$7AUD for 7g worth of glue (I heard this retails overseas for $3~$4?).

This glue comes out in a blue-ish tint that dries clear.

- strong hold
- dries quickly
- good value
- little product goes to waste when you apply the lid back on the tube

- can get messy due to its squeeze design packaging
- can pull out your eyelashes due to strong grip
- difficult to remove glue from the false lash

Rating: 4/5

TL;DR: pretty good glue. You should try it:D

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