Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sample review: The Face Shop Aloe Fresh Gel Cream

So I thought I'd finally get around to doing some reviews on the samples I've picked up this year! My blog is focusing much less on art/ drawings and cosplays than what I intended. *shrug* I'm going with the flow...

The first sample (and one of my favourites) I'll be reviewing is The Face Shop's Aloe Fresh Oil-Free Gel Cream.

Aloe Fresh Oil-Free Gel Cream

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a description of the product on the official The Face Shop website so you'll just have to run with my opinion and the teeny amount that was written on the packet. I guess it's for the Aloe Fresh line? Maybe suitable for sensitive skin (I dunno, just taking a stab in the dark guys...)? 

What they say: "Soothing and moisturising."

Contents: 1ml/ 0.03 fl. oz per sample packet (I used around 12 packets all up)

My Thoughts

Performance: I loved using this gel cream! It made my face feel so nice and smooth. I used around 12 packets of the stuff. I love the soft, waxy smell and the gel texture of the cream. It provided adequate moisture to my thirsty, dry skin without irritation. 

Although the gel cream was sufficient for most of my face, my nose area required thicker moisturiser as it is especially dry. My CC/ BB cream will pick up the flakes on my nose if I only apply this gel cream. This however, isn't a problem if I do not apply makeup on my face. 


- smells nice
- smooth texture, glides on skin easily
- provides adequate moisture and it's oil free!
- doesn't irritate my skin


- not moisturising enough for very dry skin
- contains alcohol (SD alcohol is the third ingredient on the list... and also alcohol)
- paraben party! It contains methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, and isobutylparaben
- also contains dimethicone and fragrance (baadddddd)


I liked this product a lot but the ingredients list makes me think about using it on a long term basis. Alcohol in the ingredients list doesn't worry me, but the myriad of parabens and dimethicone does. This just means I would probably switch up this product after using it for awhile, and I wouldn't slather it sparingly on my face.

I would buy the full version. I haven't spotted the Aloe Fresh line at the branch at Galleries, but I have seen it at Hurstville and the new World Square branch. I saw it was in a squeezy tube and retails for around $14.90.

TL;DR: Worth a purchase if you don't mind what the gel cream consists of. Smells good, feels good, non-irritating, and moisturising. Winner.

/ 5

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