Saturday, 31 August 2013

Skinfood Fruit Juice C (Whitening) Serum Review

Skinfood Fruit Juice C Serum (for Whitening Care)

I purchased this serum in my February skincare haul from Bonjour HK. The Bonjour website is actually quite friendly-- I initially wanted the Skinfood Tomato moisturiser, but my friend in Hong Kong said the line was discontinued in Hong Kong shops (so sad). I purchased this as a substitute because I wanted to try a whitening (brightening) product to lighten the scars on my face.

Let's find out if this baby works!

What they say: 'This skin-brightening essence contains fruit complex extracts with vitamin C and nano-processed vitamin C derivatives to revitalise skin. It also contains arbutin to keep skin looking radiant and vibrant.' (from the English Skinfood website)

Contents: 50ml; the serum is packaged in a half frosted bottle with a pipette dropper

Application: Use after your toner. Squeeze a few drops onto your palms and pat into your face for absorption. Follow it up with your moisturiser.

My Thoughts

Vitamin C is notorious for brightening so I picked this up in a heartbeat. IT SMELLS SO LOVELY; a fresh, citrus smell. Unfortunately, it didn't really work out for me. My face was not visibly brighter even though I used up the bottle very thoroughly everyday and night for around three months straight:( I'm not sure if it was because I only used a drop rather than three drops as others have suggested to cover my face.

The serum is light and non-sticky. It absorbed quite quickly and felt light on my face. I think it did a good job moisturising even though it was not slanted to do such a thing. Ironically, I think my face has actually gotten a shade darker even though I no longer see sunlight during my weekdays and have stopped wearing sunscreen with my 6am- 6pm schedule (so naughty).

- smells good
- light weight, non-sticky formula
- cheap (I purchased it $13)

- didn't whiten or brighten my skin
- no visible lightening of pimple scars
- quickly used up

I have heard Skinfood is very hit-or-miss with their skincare products. This serum is a miss for me. I'm not pulled in by their makeup range but I do adore their wash-off packs (yes, the famous Rice and Black Sugar one I hauled together with this serum). I have heard good things about the more expensive Omija Whitening range from Skinfood though!

/ 5

TL;DR: It smells good and feels nice on the skin, but it did not do what it claimed for my skin. I would personally give this a miss. 

Have you tried any whitening or brightening products? What would you recommend?

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