Sunday, 1 March 2015

A picture of me holding a picture of me...

Hi! I just got back from my month long holiday to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. I purchased SO many things from Taiwan... it was so cheap. I think I spent at least $700 AUD on makeup and skincare whoops. I will post some pictures soon. Besides the shopping, I believe I ate very well. Everything was delicious so anything I eat at home now seems very bland:(

I went to visit my good friend in Singapore. I was really sick back then because I caught a cold from flying to a place in Summer, to a place in Winter, back to a place in Summer in two days. It was very extreme. 

He drew me a picture of me, which I thought was very clever and very sweet. He requested I post a 'selfie' of me with it. My phone is so outdated it does not have a front facing camera so I used my laptop's webcam.

We're wearing the same shirt! The bright lighting washed out my makeup... you can't even see my lashes >< This painting now resides on the shelf next to me so I can periodically look at it and smile when I study. It reminds me of my favourite things and of course, one of my closest friends!

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