Saturday, 18 April 2015

Nature Republic: Hand & Nature (aka Nature Republic EXO's Hand Cream) Review/Chanyeol's Pick in Avocado

I love, love, love the Wild Cherry scent of this Nature Republic handcream! Unfortunately, I discovered it was discontinued late last year, and I was devastated because I love cherry flavoured things. Cherry Blossom just isn't the same.

Imagine my surprise when there was tubes of this stuff available in the Nature Republic Store in Mong Kok, Hong Kong during my February trip! I grabbed two more of the Wild Cherry (Luhan), one of the Avocado (Chanyeol), and one of the Grapefruit (Sehun). I purposely grabbed it in the old packaging because it reminds me of the 2013 campaign. Although I love the Apple Mango scent (Baekhyun) it is available in the new packaging so I didn't grab another. Although I stated I was going to buy the Raspberry (D.O) one, the scent just didn't appeal to me so I gave it a pass. I think that one has also been discontinued.

The first four on the left are new; the last two are old and have since been finished.

The back

Contents: 30ml/ 1.01 fl. oz. Packaged in a sturdy plastic tube with the label printed on the plastic (as opposed to having a sticker or being painted on... like Innisfree's hand cream).

Application: Apply an appropriate amount onto your hands, and gently pat for absorption.

Cost: $66HKD for two (1+1)


I have to admit, I did not like this scent very much when I first got it. I prefer fruity scents to flowery scents, and I just can't place what this is supposed to smell like. I have since grown to like it in the past month that I've used it, but I'm still not sure what it smells like. To me, it smells like... grass. Or some type of leafy vegetable. Not avocado. It's a fresh, pleasant smell.

As with the previous review I did with the Wild Cherry and Apple Mango, Avocado is adequately moisturising for Spring/Autumn months. You may need to upgrade to a butter for dry, cracked hands for Winter.

/ 5

Not sure if I'll repurchase it, but I do like it! I've got my eye on the Etude House Castle Handcream in Pink Wish next. Only because I want a mini Etude House on my desk...

Note: The Avocado one now come in new packaging like this, and some other new scents.

There's also a limited edition packaging with drawings of each of the EXO members. Kris and Luhan are included in the set as well.

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