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Makeup and Skincare Empties + Review April 2016 (Project Use Up All the Samples 2k16)

April was a big month for me. I started my second full-time job ever in a field where I can use my degree. I also treated myself to a limited eyeshadow palette I have been eyeing since February. It started getting sold out in various online stores so I decided to grab it off ebay for a few dollars extra before it completely sold out. 

My dad came back from a business trip to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, then went to Melbourne for a different business trip the week after. A few days he came back he got very sick. Several days after that, my mum caught whatever he had. I was so worried I was going to get it too because my mum kept on coughing everywhere and her doctor told her to not pass it onto my brother and I. Both my parents took sick days off to recover and have since fully recovered.


1.  Benton Snail Bee High Content Skin x 1
- (Copy Pasta from last month)This is a watery toner. I kept on accidentally squeezing it everywhere but in the palm of my hands... It is watery, moisturising toner. Quite nice, but I don't think I would purchase this though I would happily use up more samples of this if I got it in a Luckybox purchase again. WNR

2. Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream x 1
- (Copy Pasta from last month) I first used a sample of this in 2013 and late 2015. After using it again this month, I have decided that I will purchase this in the full size and am looking forward to using up my last sample next month:) It is very thick and moisturising, and I feel it also seals in my previous steps. It smells like the Snail Bee Essence, Skin, and Aloe Toner with a tinge of metallic scent (is it the bee venom?). WR

3. Aesop Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser x 3
- This cleanser did not foam up and felt very refreshing. The scent was very herbal and smelt strongly of lavender which I enjoyed. It did not dry out my skin, however, I don't think I would repurchase this cleanser due to the price. WNR

4. Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste x 2
- I find it amusing that there are loads of scrubby bits left in the foil and it leaves the sample packet looking bumpy. This scrub smelt very similar to the Facial Cream Cleanser. It was also non-foaming and had tiny little particles of rose quartz (from what I gather on the foil packet). I felt that my face could take the scrubbing in the four days I used up the two samples but I'm not sure if it would do any damage in the long time. I prefer chemical exfoliation and gentler physical exfoliation periodically. WNR

5. Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #2 Berry Choux x 1
- I have used a few sachets of this and I enjoy it. I love the sweet smell of it and how it brightens my face and plays nicely with my other face products. I'm interested in trying this in the cushion form. My original pink primer love goes to Benefit's That Gal, but I think that Etude House is a better deal. I really enjoyed looking at (but not purchasing) all the items from the Sweet Recipe Collection in 2013. WR

6. Jolse Blotting Paper
- These blotting sheets were handy to blot off excess sebum halfway throughout the day. I'm not a particularly oily person so I do not feel the need to purchase blotting papers. I will happily use these up as they are a free gift from Jolse for spending over $20. I gave a pack to my mum who gave it to my brother (the packaging was with purple flowers lol) and I have one more baby blue with white polka dot packet to use. WNR

7. Swisse Cranberry Antioxidant Facial Oil (5ml) x 1

- I really liked the the packaging of this bottle of facial oil. I thought it would have a neck like Bio Oil that leaked everywhere, but instead, it had a depressed rubber stopper that prevented oil drips. The oil itself smelt fruity and it was relaxing to give myself a mini massage with each use. The oil was thin and slippery. I also liked that the oil wasn't greasy. Good enough for a repurchase and I'm looking forward to using my second sample bottle of this. WR

8. Innisfree Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence x 1
- I really enjoyed using this sample as an eye cream. It has a cooling 'minty' effect and I feel that it helps to minimise the wrinkling under my eyes. I have used several packets of the 1ml samples as well as two of these 5ml samples. This 5ml sample is my third and took me three months of continuous use twice a day to finish! I may think about repurchasing some samples as I don't think I can finish using the full size. WR

9. Innisfree Olive Real Skin x 1
- I enjoyed using this entire line. Everything had a very citrus scent to me. This Skin was nice as thick, a great first step to moisturisation. As usual, I love my Hada Labo lotion so I do not currently see myself purchasing this but I am happy to add it to my routine if given it as a sample. WNR

10. Innisfree Olive Real Lotion x 1
- A pleasant lotion to use. Very moisturising to layer in between the skin and the cream. I would think about purchasing a lotion to use in Winter. WR

11. Innisfree Olive Real Power Cream x 1
- I really enjoyed using this cream. From memory, I don't think it was as thick as the Orchid cream but it still made my skin lovely and moist. WR

TOTAL = 14

 Full Sized Products 

1. L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Masque- Dry Hair
- I didn't like the smell of this mask. It smelt very perfumey and whilst it left gold flecks in my hair to make it shiny, I hated that the gold flecks came off onto my hands when I ran my hand through my hair. Also, I did not feel that my hair was softer and my hair continued to split, snap, and break. WNR

 2. Kose Softymo White Cleansing Oil
- My first full sized bottle of cleansing oil finished! Review here. Definitely would not repurchase anymore cleansing oils right now as I have two full bottles of the Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil. The product itself is great though, and I saw that it has since been jacked up to $25 at the physical store I picked it up for $12 last year. WR

3. Nivea Anti-Perspirant Pure Invisible

- Just a standard roll-on deodorant. I like how fresh it smells. I rarely wear sleeveless shirts so I have no noticed whether or not it leaves white marks, but it certainly does not stain my white shirts. Already repurchased. WR



 Other Items

 Various Innisfree sheet masks x 8

Manuka Honey
Shea Butter

Biore Pore Pack Black

*WNR = Would Not Re/Purchase
WR= Would Repurchase

I feel like I'm still going through my skincare samples like a champ (thank you for not freaking out skin:). I would like to finish a few more lip products throughout May now that I work full time and can put on a full face everyday. I'm glad that I still love my masks and hope to continue to do two sheet masks a week, and a wash off pack once a week. In addition, I have also added back in Mizon's Good Night White Sleeping Pack for the cold weather. I hope to use it at least once a week for when my face needs that extra hydration.

What did you use up this April?

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