Thursday, 28 July 2016

Gifts from Lydia and Kevin

At the beginning of June, Lydia just returned from a trip from Japan and Korea. She got me some last minute gifts before she headed off to London. She is currently living there and having fun. Her friend also came to visit from Hawaii which is why she also off loaded some Hawaiian Macadamias to me.

Kevin went to visit Taiwan at the beginning of 2016. Even though I have seen him countless times since then, he has always forgotten to bring me the souvenirs he purchased for me until our graduation day.

From Lydia:

1. Hawaiian Host Island Macs
- I actually tried to refuse this gift as I don't like nuts but accepted it in the end to give to my parents (wasn't being ungrateful but I was there with three other girls and there were only two boxes of chocolates to go around).

2. Tony Moly Pureness 100 Green Tea Sheet Mask

3. Skinfood Dual Effect Snail Mask Sheet

4. Leaders Insolution Coconut Bio Mask with Broccoli

Gifts from Kevin:

5. Rilakkuma labels with my name on them

6. Rilakkuma stamp

Everything is so cute and I feel grateful that my friends think of me when they go on trips. I'd like to get them something in return when I go on a trip next time.

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