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ibuybeauti Etude House Juice Bar review

What no buy? Seriously though, I thought I did a good job because I actively tried NOT to purchase makeup. And I didn't. Much. Everything else was skincare or haircare *hangs head in shame* I did just start a new full time job and received a promotion in the space of 6 weeks so I thought it was okay to treat myself.

I've never purchased an eyeshadow palette before. I wanted my first to be a limited edition as there were so many beautiful collections I didn't buy when I started going on an Etude House binge in 2012. The Etude House Juice Bar was released as a summer Play Color Eyes palette and was sold out everywhere at some point. By the time I realised I wanted it, I had to find it on ebay. I paid 20.55USD (27.83AUD) for it through ibuybeauti's ebay store;u; 

Of course, it is now available everywhere for a bit cheaper than that. The palette itself retails for around 18,000won in Korea.

Peach colours are the 'it' colours for S/S 2016. I have been wearing this palette non-stop even though I received it during Autumn/Winter in Australia.

Ordered: 13/4/16
Shipped: 15/4/16
Received: 3/5/16

Two samples of RRS' Neulii Tea Tree BHA Blemish Control Serum were given as freebies.

Smudges on the mirror D:

One of my friends is insistent that I must purchase the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. I have no interest in that palette as I already have this palette!

The 10 colours are inspired by a glass of juice. Seven of these colours are available as singles in the permanent collection, and three of the colours are new and exclusive to the Juice Bar. The only real experience I have had with eyeshadows is with the Dolly Wink quad. I have been spoiled as those shadows are beautiful, soft, blendable, and easy to work with.

Some of these colours in the Juice Bar are mattes and I had a hard time working with them. The pigmentation for the lighter shades are not that great. It feels like even with eye primer, the eyeshadows fade very quickly and I feel they need to be packed on in order to be visible on my eyelid. The glitters are beautiful but of course, are too soft and have a lot of fall out. The satins are beautiful and I love them so much. Some of the shades also have tiny micro glitters in them.

I'll give a quick rundown of my thoughts from left to right:

Two swipes each. As you can see, the colours are more subtle and soft.

1. Raw Cacao (exclusive colour)
- Very similar to a colour in my Dolly Wink quad. I use it to line my eyes. Matte and doesn't have that great of a colour payoff.

2. Grapefruit Tart
- Fresh, pink colour. I use it to line the outer third of the bottom of my eye, or the outer corner V of my top lid. Probably the colour I use the least. Also a matte.

3. Soft Peach (exclusive colour)
- One of my most used colours. Very soft and subtle; a baby pink with a lot of white and a touch of orange. Satin.

4. Orange Peel
- A khaki type of brown. I haven't used the browns as much because of the Dolly Wink quad. Satin.

5. Muscle Mania
- My favourite colour to play with! Beautiful, chunky gold glitters. This shadow is the softest one in the palette and I'm worried it's going to fall apart soon. Glitter.

6. Orange Bianco (exclusive colour)
- My least favourite brown. It is a terracotta type of brown with hints of orange. I find it patchy and difficult to blend. Matte. 

7. Fever Orange
- Biggest disappointment in the palette for me. This shadow is harder than Muscle Mania but it comes out as very chalky. The glitters are are a gorgeous gold orange. Looks best patted on with fingers rather than with a brush or with a shadow tip. Is a bit of a mix of a satin and a glitter.

8. Kissing Gourami
- Surprise favourite for me. Gold-pink that is easy to apply and hard to overdo. Satin.

9. New Recipe
- Another favourite for me. Very easy to wear peach colour. Goes well with 'Soft Peach'. It is also a bit chalky. Matte.

10. Bubble Bath
- This colour is a less superior undereye highlighter version of a colour in my Dolly Wink quad. Also a chalky shade. I think this is supposed to be a satin with tiny shimmers in it.

/ 5

Some shades are winners-- some are not. Overall, I am satisfied with the price I paid for the palette and will purchase again. Being someone with only one eyeshadow quad, I have no double ups or dupes so I think the palette fits in with my needs. I don't think I will purchase another eyeshadow palette from Etude House again though. I will consider purchasing singles if I can physically swatch them.

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