Sunday, 24 July 2016

Nature Republic EXO Hand and Nature Hand Cream Review (D.O Shea Butter and Baekhyun Wild Berry)

EXO is my kpop weakness. Do I need more hand cream? Do I want this hand cream beyond the EXO branding, the packaging, and the photocards? Well...

The answer is no. I still purchased these hand creams anyway.

These Nature Republic Hand and Nature Hand Creams are from the same series as this set of hand creams I reviewed a few years ago. They were repackaged at the end of 2014 and got an EXO makeover at the end of 2015. You can purchase the regular packaging if you do not like the EXO branding.

I drafted this post on the 24th of April, but haven't posted it until the 24th of July. As a result, I have actually used up quite a bit of both hand creams and can give a more accurate representation of my opinions on both these hand creams.

Contents: 30ml/1.01fl.oz x 2 (1+1). You get two tubes of this hand cream in a box. I liked the former packaging as I felt the silver plastic casing was sturdier. This packaging reminds me of the older Innisfree hand cream where the paint scrapes off the tube.

Application: Apply desired amount on hands.

As you can see here, the packaging is so cute and I'm going to display them with my other EXO merchandise and Etude House cosmetics. Usually, I only open one thing at a time for hand creams and finish them up before opening another one. I couldn't help myself and opened up one of each tube to sniff the scent this morning. 

I love the Wild Berry one as it smells like a refreshing sweet and sour yoghurt museli bar. Baekhyun is my ultimate bias in EXO haha, but in the past year or so, I've gotten to really like D.O so I decided to get both Baek and Soo's version.

The Shea Butter one may take some time for me to get used to, but it is not an offensive smell. Very soft and baby-powder like. D.O looks so cute and smilely in his photocard. I love how his character literally has a heart for lips.

Putting aside my bias for EXO, I enjoyed the Apple Mango and Wild Cherry hand creams I tried the first time around from Nature Republic. Both these hand creams smell good and are thick creams, but I felt that my hands still felt somewhat dry. I feel that this hand cream superficially moisturises the top layer of my skin without actually sinking in. However, my hands still feel alright a few hours later without washing my hands. It is possible that because I am using these in the dead of Winter here in Australia and need something a bit more substantial for my cold, dry hands. I can update my thoughts about these hand creams after I use them again in the Spring and Summer time.

- small, portable tube
- beautiful scents
- non-sticky application

- mildly moisturising for dry hands

/ 5

I would love to get Suho's (Peach), Chen (Avocado), and Sehun (Citron).

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