Sunday, 18 December 2016

Etude House My Little Nut Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk (Christmas 2016) PK004 Review

I'm so excited for Christmas! I received this lipstick from my Black Friday Testerkorea 'mini' haul the day before my birthday. Perfect timing tbh. I'm so glad nothing melted because it was 36 degrees that day.

Lip products are my weakness. I have to admit I was drawn by the packaging of this lipstick. The shade I purchased (PK004 Puzzling Pink) is not a new shade. In fact, it came out in 2015 when the Dear My Enamel Lips range first came out and Joy from Red Velvet was promoting it. This year, the lipstick got repackaged and then repackaged again for Christmas. There are of course, other shades in the Christmas collection that are My Little Nut exclusive but I thought I'd be practical and get a shade I can wear everyday.

Contents: 0.11oz/3.4g

Shelf life: 18 months

Price: 10,500 won

What they say: With the hybrid of moisturizing effects and beautiful vivid colors, the Enamel Lips Talk will leave your lips dead-skin-free and smooth for a long time.

Directions: Twist to dispense makeup and apply evenly to lips.

Caution: 1. Use only as directed. 2. Avoid storing in high and low temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight. 3. Cease use if problems arise. 4. Turn knob only slightly (about 3~5mm) to dispense contents.

No comment on the name of the collection hehe, but I thought it was interesting that M.A.C's Nutcracker collection also made use of pink and gold.

Let's admire the packaging... I love how the lid and the twisty bit at the bottom alternate between pink and gold. It looks like some of the colours have shimmer in them whereas some do not.

The product itself reminded me very much of Innisfree's Creammellow lipstick. This lipstick is a lot more balmy than Creammellow, and less sticky. Strangely enough, I think that it has longer staying power than Creammellow and it doesn't sink into cracks and lines of the lips as easily with a beautiful glossy finish. PK004 Puzzling Pink has no shimmers and is just a warm, coral pink.

 As usual, the official swatches are very off being a much fluorescent, brighter pink. This lipstick is very sheer. It takes around three coats for me to build up to a more opaque colour. Due to its glossiness, it will slip around your lips. However, because the lipstick is so sheer, it is very easy to just slap this on without a mirror and have it look fantastic! You can also layer it with other colours or lip products of other formulas. For example, I have enjoyed wearing this lipstick paired with a red lip tint for the past week to make the colour more vivid.

Lastly, all Etude House products smell wonderful. This lipstick smells like strawberries to me.

- Glossy and easy to wear
- Great for beginners
- MLBB pink

- Sheer; may need to pair with other lip products
- Short wear time (1~2 hrs)

TL;DR: This is a fantastic formula. I am in love with this lipstick and colour. Would consider getting another colour within the Enamel Lips-Talk range if I didn't already have so many lipsticks...

/ 5

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