Sunday, 11 December 2016

Makeup and Skincare Empties + Review November 2016 (Project Use Up All the Samples 2k16)

Can't believe this month is nearly over! I had an exciting and eventful November... I went out a lot. This month, I met Wengie in person. She was a lot skinnier in person than I thought she would be. Although I'm not a religious viewer of her Youtube channel and I don't read her blog, I thought she was very cool in person. She was very nice and offered me hugs:)

I also watched Chihayafuru part 1 and 2 of the live action. In the Christmas holidays, I plan to watch the anime to catch me up to speed now that I am interested in the storyline. I want to see if Chihaya eventually gets the Queen title.


1. Tony Moly Prestige Wild Ginseng Cream x 1
- This cream was quite thick (but didn't feel quite moisturising) and the scent didn't remind me of ginseng. In other words, it smelt good. WNR

2. Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque x 2
- A creamy mask that you are supposed to wipe off rather than rinse off. I enjoyed the herbal scent of this mask, though I saw little to no immediate short term effect. Maybe just soft skin for a few hours. WNR

3. Skinfood Gold Caviar Emulsion x1
- Just a so-so emulsion; it didn't do anything special for me. WNR

4. Tony Moly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream x 1
- I expected this cream to be a gel cream, but it wasn't. It was surprisingly moisturising for what it was (a thin cream) and I would be interested to try more samples of this if it were available. WR

5. Benton Fermentation Eye Cream x 1
- copy pasta: The eye cream was sufficiently creamy for my under eye but I didn't like that it rolled up in balls if I used more than a tiny little bit. I have a few more packets to get through before I decide whether or not I would like to actually shell out money to buy a tube of eye cream. WNR

6. Tony Moly Goat Milk Pure CC Cream x 1
- I'm generally not a fan of Tony Moly skincare or base makeup, but this CC surprised me! I enjoyed the brightening effect and it played nicely with my sunscreen and BB cream. I didn't find it chalky or hard to blend-- in fact, it was very moisturising. By itself, it wore off quickly (wouldn't recommend wearing this with just concealer) and it made my face look a little bit cakey with the BB cream. Overall, I think it did a good job if it is used on the cheeks and forehead as a base. WR.

7. Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB x 1
- Super duper thrilled to see that this BB cream was purple. In a sense, it is a bit more similar to a CC cream as the cream had little grey capsules which change colour after you blend it into your skin. Compared to the Goat Milk CC cream, this Dollish Veil Vita was so dry and it didn't sit as well on my skin. WNR.

8. Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Super Cream x 1
- Had high expectations for this cream. It was highly concentrated and the scent reminded me of the Etude House Moistfull line. The cream was very thick and I can see this as a cream that would be fantastic for dry weather. However, this cream didn't particularly impress me. WNR.

9.  The Face Shop The Therapy European Blending Formula x 2

- A bit of a 'meh' product, but I had fun blending in the gel and the cream formula.WNR.

10. Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cleansing Oil x 2
- I found that this oil didn't clean my eye makeup off at all. I will stick to my usually Kose cleansing oil... WNR.

11. Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner x 2
- review here

12. Skin79 Super BB Cream Hot Pink x 2
- The definition of HG BB cream for me. WR.

Total = 17

Full Sized Items

1. Garnier Clean Sensitive 2 in 1 Gentle Makeup Remover x 1
- My favourite eye makeup remover. WR.

2. Dior Addict 2 50ml x 1
- My friend got me this when she worked at Dior for secondment a few years ago. I didn't like the scent at first (most Dior perfumes are too mature for my taste) but after using this for an entire year, I've decided that I do like the scent. I probably would never repurchase for myself, but I would wear this scent again. WNR.

3. Softymo Kose Speedy Cleansing Oil x 1
- My favourite cleansing oil. You can use this on a wet or a dry face. You will still need to using a separate makeup remover to take off stubborn point makeup and to remove traces to sunscreen/bb cream, but it is super gentle and easy to use. WR.

4. Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream x 1
- review here. Love the coverage, but I don't like how it settles into my dry skin and is extremely grey and ashy. WNR.

5. Lucas' Papaw Ointment x 1
- review here.




Other Items

- Various sheet masks x 11

Yiew! I'd like to wear more summer colours in the next few months. Mostly MAC Candy Yum Yum and Lady Danger, Peripera Peri's Ink, and also different types of bb creams. I'm very much looking forward to the holidays. 

My next post will probably be a 'mini haul' and then I'm going to get started with a few more reviews and round up posts for 2016.

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