Friday, 4 March 2016

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK001, PP501, and OR202 Review

My friend Cathy came back from her first trip to Korea in 2013. She got a cute bear key chain and two samples of the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in Cherry Red. Cherries are one of my favourite fruits. I love how the look, I love their scent, and I love their flavour. I also love lip products. After trying out the samples, I wanted to get a full size of this tint! Since I already had a red lip tint (the TonyMoly Kiss Lover Live Tint), I decided to get the tint in Cherry Pink.

After using the Cherry Pink for a few months and having a good impression, I decided to pick up some other colours in the range. Unfortunately, the Cherry Lavender PP501 and the Cherry Coral OR202 are from the Spring 2014 5th Year Anniversary collection. I'm sorry I was not able to write a review for these items before they became discontinued.

The three I have are:

1. OR202 Cherry Coral (Spring 2014 Limited Edition)
2. PP501 Cherry Lavender (Spring 2014 Limited Edition)
3. PK001 Cherry Pink

Contents: 9g

Price: 6,000won

A moisturising milky tint that comes in four different colours (pink, red, peach, hot pink) + two limited edition colours (lavender and coral).

From left to right in the first photo:

Cherry Coral is such a beautiful colour, but for some reason, flakes off my lips very easily. I find that this colour looks best applied as a base with a more pigmented tint (TonyMoly Tony Tint Delight in Cha Cha Orange) in the inner corner of my lips. Of course, it looks fine on its own, but it is a very pale, milky orange-coral colour. I think this colour suits yellow based skin tones very much:D

Cherry Lavender was a must buy for me because it was purple and a limited edition colour. Yes, I bought this for the packaging (shame). Like lavender blush, lavender lip tint does not look lavender on the lips even though it does look lavender in swatches. It looks more like a blue based pink. Still a very beautiful colour for the Spring, but not a must have.

Cherry Pink is one of the original colours from the permanent line and has my favourite formula. I highly recommend this as beginner tint. It is hard to overdo and looks good no matter how you apply it. You can apply it without a mirror and still look good. 

Overall: I wouldn't call any of these colours 'cherry' colours, but they are all very beautiful and work nicely as an overall, natural lip colour. Since they are natural, milky tints, they are fairly low maintenance. I love how these tints all have a sweet grape (I smell grape, not cherry) scent. I don't regret buying any of the ones I have, but I am unlikely to buy the rest of the line (red, peach, hot pink).

Bonus opinion: 
Cherry Red is the gold standard beginner's red lip tint in my opinion. From the colours I've tried, it is the only colour that looks good as a gradient lip on my pigmented lips. It's hard to wear it wrong.

/ 5

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