Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Innisfree Green Tea Kit Review (Green Tea Serum, Green Tea Balancing Skin, Green Tea Balancing Lotion, Green Tea Balancing Cream)

Okay, this is long, long, lonngggg overdue. Innisfreeworld had a promotion in early 2015 (around March until May) where if you participate in an ordering tutorial you could claim a free Green Tea Kit.

The Innisfree Green Tea Kit contains some items from their best selling Green Tea line and forms one of Innisfree's 8 Solutions. I will also be giving some quick thoughts on products in their order of use:

1. Innisfree Green Tea Serum 5ml
2. Innisfree Balancing Skin 10ml
3. Innisfree Balancing Lotion 10ml
4. Innisfree Balancing Cream 5ml

I was lucky and managed to get two sets of the Green Tea line to try out as I selected some Green Tea samples with my massive mask order. Green Tea is the line for moisturising.

The green tea line has a very distinctive cologne smell. I hated it when I first smelt it, but after using two samples and the Green Tea mask, I have decided I like the scent. Please keep in mind that the Balancing line is for combination skin and that I have dry skin. I also used all the samples as a full line.

Innisfree Green Tea Serum
Counterintuitively, the serum is the first step in the line. It is also one of Innisfree's best selling items of all time. This is a quick absorbing, non-stick and fairly moisturising serum but I wouldn't say it was more moisturising than other serums I have tried (e.g., Skinfood, It's Skin). It is designed to be layered with other steps rather than used on its own but I would be comfortable with using it by itself without a moisturising toner. Good value and I have had serious thoughts about purchasing a full size of this.

Innisfree Balancing Skin
I don't have any special thoughts or feelings about the Skin. It is a thicker type of toner and another layering step. I can do without it.

Innisfree Balancing Lotion
Lotions are thin creams that can be used as the cream step in hotter or more humid weather. It was a light running lotion that I found was comfortable for the day time. I also do not hold any special sentiments for the lotion.

Innisfree Balancing Cream

This cream also has a fairly thin, light, and comfortable texture on the skin. It keeps my face moisturised by sealing in all the other steps. I think this is just enough for me in Autumn. This cream did not break me out or cause any CCs in my skin for the ten or so days I used it for.

Overall, I'm most impressed by the serum. I would like to try the Deep Moisture cream. I think the Skin and the Lotion are unnecessary (and somewhat forgettable) for me.

/ 5

Bonus: I really liked reading what each of Innisfree's lines are on the cardboard wrapping. I have tried or received samples from each of these available lines except for the Whitening Care line.

The cardboard wrapping can be 'upcycled' and turned into little drawers. Innisfree has a video on YouTube showing how to create the little drawers. Because I'm so late with writing this post, I don't think Innisfree even gives away these 8 Solutions kits anymore. They used to do a promotion where if you spend over a certain amount, you get one in your package, and you can send one to a friend for free.

Here are my drawers. I would recommend using scissors and a hobby knife/box cutter. The process of making something simple is so relaxing.

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