Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Koji Dolly Wink Transparent Eyelash Fix Glue Review

A good eyelash glue makes the difference between being able to enjoy your day or night without your false eyelashes falling off or poking you in the eye. A good eyelash glue should also be easy to dissolve with makeup remover and easy to clean off lashes.

My favourite lashes are Matsuwaka Tsubasa's Dolly Wink. Strangely enough, I don't have a good impression of Koji through the products I have tried by the company, but I have a very good impression of Dolly Wink which is produced by Koji *shrug* 

There are two types of eyelash glues in the Dolly Wink collection: transparent (clear) and black. There is also a tiny tube of glue included when you purchase eyelashes. The formula for the squeezy tube and the brush tube are different. The version I have here is the transparent brush version.

Price: 900yen (I got mine as a free gift from purchasing eyelashes)

I believe this is the second edition of the glue. I do not know if the formula for this 'free gift' glue is different to that of the glue that is sold separately. The regular packaging for the second edition is a pink tube with a black base and white polka dots on the cap. My opinions do not reflect that of the first edition or the current third edition of the glue.

I do like that this glue comes in a tube with a brush. It makes application so much easier. 

The glue doesn't have a strong hold. Most of the time, my eyelashes (particularly stiff eyelashes) start to peel off in the corner of my eyes before the end of the day. The glue also balls up and I find that it does not dry transparent. There is a point in time when eyelash glue is supposed to become 'tacky' and that is when you place it on top of your lashes. I feel this glue doesn't reach this 'tacky' stage and just goes straight from wet to dry. You have to use it on your lashes when it is wet, and hold it in place until it dries. Otherwise, your fake lash will just fall off. I also find that the glue does not hold heavier lashes (made of heavier feathers/plastic) well. It is best used with light lashes like Dolly Wink.

/ 5

I would not purchase this glue with my own money. I find the glue in the small squeezy tube that comes free with purchase when you buy packets of Dolly Wink eyelashes are far superior in terms of hold and removal. Props for ease of application to the lashes.

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