Monday, 14 March 2016

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream Review

BB creams are by far my favourite type of makeup. It just makes your skin look flawless by covering up scars and blemishes, and much less cakey and heavy than foundation. A good bb cream should contain skincare benefits and act as an all in one primer, foundation, and suncare. Of course, you should still wear sunscreen on top of your base makeup as you won't use nearly enough to provide adequate suncare protection.

I remember watching a short segment about Lioele on Arirang. Their bb creams are one of the best sellers of the brand. Several Youtubers I have watched such as Bubzbeauty, ElaineMokk, and Shaaaanxo have talked about this particular bb cream. I decided to try the Triple the Solution formula rather than the Beyond the Solution formula as I wanted heavier coverage.

This product makes your skin moist as yoghurt and hyaluronic acid supply moisture and nutrition. It is a low stimulating product since it doesn't contain the ingredient of organic ultraviolet screen. The index of SPF 30 and PA ++ not only controls the generation of skin blemish but makes your skin bright.

Directions: After using skin care products, apply adequate amount on face evenly and make it absorbed onto skin by tapping softly.

Contents: 50ml

Price: 48,000won (purchased for 120HKD at ColourMix, you can definitely find it for a better price ~18-25USD)

This bb cream is full coverage. Like most other bb creams, it only comes in one shade and has an ashy, grey finish. You only need the tiniest blob to cover your entire face. I find that it looks the best when you use it with your hands, as the warmth of your hands helps the bb cream to melt into your skin.

This particular bb cream is too pale for me (I am around an NC25). I find that it dries out my already dry skin terribly. It looks okay when freshly applied, but after three to four hours, my chin and nose start to look flakey, cakey, and gross. It emphasised the dryness surrounding my blemishes so that they become very prominent even though the bb cream does cover up the blemish when first applied. I guess that this bb cream will be more suitable for people with oily skin, and have a lighter skin tone (NC 15-20). 

Nothing I have tried from Lioele has wowed me, from the Triple the Solution BB Cream, Water Drop Sleeping Mask, Time Reverse Snail Cream, or Suncream has wowed. I still have a sample of their Dollish Veil Vita BB, Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base, and Beyond the Solution BB Cream to try.

/ 5

I will finish using up the rest of my tube of this bb cream, but I will go back to finishing the rest of my Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream and then moving onto cushion BBs.

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