Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cosmetic-Love Mini Haul and Review

Nature Republic released another new EXO collaboration in mid December 2015 (pretty much on my birthdayT_T). I have been getting itchy about getting the lipbalms because it came in a Cherry flavour and it had a cute Baekhyun cartoon on it. Also the 2nd photobook/catalogue. After thinking about it for three months and checking out multiple online retailers, I decided to settle with two sets of the handcreams from Cosmetic-Love.
I like that Cosmetic-Love allows you to change the currency to something other than USD and KWN. I found it very helpful to see how much everything costs in AUD. There is also free shipping worldwide which I find to be a better deal when purchasing bits and pieces. However, I don't find the site particularly easy to navigate and I keep on missing out on the 'prices from' text on the bottom of selected items. 
There was a 10% discount on Nature Republic so I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to pick up some handcreams. I am currently on a self-imposed no-buy and I used this as an opportunity to celebrate my small win of getting some contract work. I consistently work through and use my handcreams so I wasn't worried about hoarding these.

Ordered: 19/3/16 (Saturday)
Sent: 22/3/16 (Tuesday)
Received: 18/4/16 (yesterday)

There was an extra long Easter weekend with Good Friday and Easter Monday along the way which definitely slowed down shipping. It took 18 working days to get to me.

I purchased:

1. Nature Republic EXO D.O Hand and Nature Hand Cream (Shea Butter)- 7.54USD

2. Nature Republic EXO Baekhyun Hand and Nature Hand Cream (Wild Berry)- 7.54USD

Total = 15.08USD (20.55AUD)

Both items were wrapped in excessive bubble wrap to keep them safe for the long journey. The boxes themselves came in fantastic condition and I'm very happy with them.
I must note that this is the first time I've purchased something from Korea and not received samples. It was less disappointing than I anticipated as I was mostly excited about the handcreams themselves!

Overall, I am happy with the service I received from Cosmetic-Love and would consider repurchasing from them again if I find a good deal from them. I may consider getting the Chen/Suho/Sehun hand creams from them when I finish up these handcreams.

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